The Following Testimonials were given freely and with consent. The inmate are residents of Putnam Correctional Institution.

S.H – 
Restore and  Release ministry has been a great part
of my Christian growth. I’ve only
been in prison a few months, but I still have
not seen  any people connect with me on a
a level like they do. Their  ministry is
not only on Spiritual Levels but it
Goes deeper to a personal level too. I never
fail to leave with some important insight but most importantly they have helped me to get over some major emotional strongholds. I love their approach to teaching. They never make you feel out of place. They
make you feel welcomed and Loved like with your family. They have taught me to forgive my parents and to start to forgive myself. I thank God for their coming to Putnam C. I, 

God Bless