Pools of Bethesda Restoration Center is a Non-Profit Faith-based charity headquartered in St. Augustine, Fl.

We offer a proven Program that helps Ex-offenders transition from Correctional institutions back to their communities. Our residential program is faith-based, coupled with 1 on 1 counseling and family counseling, Social Services, secondary education opportunities if needed and job prep and search classes. In addition to the Ex-offenders program, we offer counseling for Women of Domestic and/or otherwise abuse.

In February 2020, we will be opening a Food Pantry in St. Augustine, Fl.

The Ex-Offender Program, Women’s Program and Food Pantry are opening to all residents of St. Johns – Putnam and Flager Counties.

Please Come Out In Support Of Our Programs and Services. We Are All In Some way Effected By Incarceration And Or Domestic abuse.