How To: Restore, Renew, Release

How we will accomplish this vision.
Pools of Bethesda Restoration Center works with ex-offenders and recovering addicts to help each individual and their immediate family members experience a Biblical foundation for life. Our objective is to develop in them critical life skills through Biblical counseling, prayer, worship, education, artistic expression and job training. Licensed staff and highly qualified volunteers in each of these areas will work with residents, as well as with their spouses and children.We strive to bread the cycle of addiction in the next generation and teach through opportunities to interact with each other and with members of the surrounding communities.

Restore: Broken lives to wholeness. Working with husbands and wives separately for 12 weeks through the L.I.F.E. Study. LIFE – or, Living In Freedom Every Day – Pools of Bethesda Residents will learn to make decisions from Christ within versus from the flesh mindset connected to Satan.
Renew: During the ensuing 12 months, husbands and wives will live and work together learning to apply daily what they learn in Phase 1. They will practice these principles through job training, education, counseling, life-skill discipleship, and through interaction with their immediate families, residents of the surrounding communities and others.
Release: The final 12 weeks of the program, will allow couples to learn how to disciple others through mentoring the next group of residents. They will begin to teach and model for others what they have learned

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