About Our Founder

Lynda Hensley - Founder of Pools of Bethesda Restoration Center.  St. Augustine, Fl
Founder of Pools of Bethesda Restoration Center in St. Augustine, Fl

As the Founder and Director of Pools of Bethesda, I, Lynda Hensley, have first and foremost a heart for those who are incarcerated. I also feel that I have a call from God. After receiving the call, doors opened for me to receive training. I have two BA/s in counseling, one Biblical, the other clinical with an emphasis on drug abuse. I have two Master’s, one in Biblical Psychology and the other a Master’s of Divinity. I am certified in Exchanged Life Counseling and in Inner Healing Pray as taught by Judith and Francis McNutt. 

My husband has had his own automotive repair business for the last 6 years. He experienced the life trauma that led to addiction and incarceration, being incarcerated on two occasions. He has experienced the life-changing power of God and is currently working in his own prison ministry as well as with Kairos to bring this life-changing power to others. He is also gifted in mechanics, antique restoration, and fabrication, as well as having a background in construction. He and his gifts will be a tremendous asset to the ministry.

Cheryl Williams is our secretary/treasurer. She has served in that capacity for many non-profit organizations, the one closest to her heart is the Veterans organizations she serves. She is also a great cook and has overseen our fund-raising cookouts being a central reason that they were such a success. She has also contributed substantially to the financial area. She also has experience as a beekeeper and in alternative food production that will be a benefit as we develop the residential center.  

Susan Cardiff-Reed - Resident Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Susan Cardiff-Reed – LCSW:

Susan Cardiff-Reed is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in the state of Florida practicing in the field for 20+ years and leads our counseling department. Susan brings skills in clinical counseling including addictions, (including prevention), mental health, EMDR, SYMBIS (saving your marriage before it starts) assessment for couples, grief counseling, DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy). Her many years with the Department of Children and Families to help unite parents and children give her the background necessary to help organize our program as we work with families. Her personal experience in the field of addiction adds to the value of her ability to interact successfully with people and help the others on staff to better understand the mindset and emotional health of those we are hoping to help. Susan’s years of experience in the supervision of clinical staff will be an asset as the clinical director. 

Susan joined me in going through the Healing Prayer and Inner Healing classes led by Judith and Francis McNutt. Through her over 20 years as a clinical therapist, she has realized that without Christ as the center of healing and restoration, all that is accomplished is a change in behavior from socially unacceptable to socially acceptable addiction. Her hope and desire is to bring lasting change through healing in Christ focusing on the spiritual aspect of life as well as the physical and emotional.

Lori Peppers was the first person to “catch the vision” and come on board as a board member. She brings with her talents as a grant writer and graphic designer. Most of the work she has done getting our website set up and designing flyers for fundraisers, hand-out cards, business cards and more has been without charge and what she has charged for has been returned in the form of donations to the ministry.